Parentheses overload (get over it)

Yeah, so… I haven’t written in what feels like forever. I wonder how many times throughout my blogging career I’ve said that (not going to bother counting). 

In any case, there’s nothing much going on with me, except the MASSIVE WORKLOAD I’ve attempted to take on and the blatant, glaring lack of vocal progress I’ve been (not) making because of it. Twenty-five credits, plus being exec secretary, plus studio rep, plus the opera, and am I in that fraternity still? I spend most of my free time either homeworking or watching netflix because whenever I try to read (you know, like, books) my eyesight blurs together and I end up realizing I’ve been away from my room for twelve hours straight without accomplishing anything but class and rehearsal. I wish I were exaggerating. 

In other news, I’m psyched for the Dominican in sixteen (!!!!) days. Tropical beach, please. Sunshine, a Sex on the Beach (and/or sex on the beach), I’ll take it. That would be fine.

Until then, I have to get through the next two weeks, which include two aural skillz midterms (next Tuesday and Wednesday, and may I remind Eastman that next week is NOT midterms week?), at least two in class performances, two (maybe more) coachings, a couple of French quizzes and oh shit I just remembered I have a vocab quiz in Deutsch tomorrow.

Yep, things are busy. But at least I can still take a few minutes to sit and write about them. I was in kind of a funk for the past two weeks: I just had an audition in Toronto, so last week (and weekend) I was worried about that… and then the beginning of this week just didn’t want to end. TGIF, seriously. Plus I had been on an eat-everything-in-my-room slump for a while, and hadn’t motivated myself to the gym. Luckily I was dragged to zumba tonight and spent another half hour after that working out. 

Anyway, that’s all I got. I only have four and a half hours of class tomorrow so I will actually have some free time to go all-out with the aural skillz studying, etc. Bis bald!