2nd Amendment entertainment

So I read some Cosmo online tonight between freaking out about my missing French textbook and trying to read for German tomorrow. Not ashamed.

Anyway. I found this survey on gun ownership really interesting– it followed an article about Brad Pitt.* Brad Pitt’s a self-proclaimed liberal, but also fully supports gun rights. Cosmo wanted to know how their readers felt about “their man” owning a gun.

This just made my night:

I mean… I have my own gun at home.

I loved the fact that nearly half of the women on the site are independent and proactive enough to own their own firearm. I thought it was amusing (although a little cliche) that over half of the remaining half like the idea of their man protecting them. Understandably there were those who don’t give a crap and those who worry, but for the most part? Roughly 66 women out of the 144 that read the article and took the poll take care of themselves. Way to be, ladies.

*Someday I’ll maybe discuss my thoughts on gun rights in greater detail, but I have a shit ton of homework due tomorrow. ARLGJALDKFJALDSKFJA and good night.

Look at me, I’m tired and being ridiculous (also known as me, philosophizing)

I realize this picture is possibly as pathetic as me right now and twelve times as lame/cheesy.

All anyone really wants is attention.

I’ve discovered recently (yeah, over the course of the past week and a half) that I have an ambition to act eventually. Someday. I’d just like to be on TV, to have a group of people appreciate me for what entertainment I can bring them.

Normal people, too, I mean. Opera people are weird: delightfully so, but weird. It would be interesting to have a fan base at all, let alone one of normal people.

This is why I think acceptance is so necessary for everyone. I’ve spent most of my childhood struggling to be liked and accepted by the other kids in my classes. Finally my child self basically said, “Fuck it, I’ll just go be smart on my own and if anyone wants to join me I’ll be reading and singing and xylophoning over here.”

Granted, that was just about a year and a half ago, but still.

Here again I sit and wish for MORE people to like me. MORE people to read this blog. MORE people to follow me on Twitter, to want me to sing, to ask if I’ve ever thought of TV.

I realize it’s not as simple as it sounds, but if Dr. Heischberger thinks I can then hell, I’d try it.

In any case essentially I feel pathetic for aiming for more and craving more but ambition keeps forcing me to run at a ten-foot-high stone wall. Here, try this angle, here, try it again, here, practice some more and daydream some more and get your hopes up some more, More, MORE.

Maybe I’ll succeed eventually but until then my daydreams are what feed my intensity and my goal-making ambition. I just don’t want to get my hopes up too ridiculously high only to fall flat on my never-to-be-filmed face.