2nd Amendment entertainment

So I read some Cosmo online tonight between freaking out about my missing French textbook and trying to read for German tomorrow. Not ashamed.

Anyway. I found this survey on gun ownership really interesting– it followed an article about Brad Pitt.* Brad Pitt’s a self-proclaimed liberal, but also fully supports gun rights. Cosmo wanted to know how their readers felt about “their man” owning a gun.

This just made my night:

I mean… I have my own gun at home.

I loved the fact that nearly half of the women on the site are independent and proactive enough to own their own firearm. I thought it was amusing (although a little cliche) that over half of the remaining half like the idea of their man protecting them. Understandably there were those who don’t give a crap and those who worry, but for the most part? Roughly 66 women out of the 144 that read the article and took the poll take care of themselves. Way to be, ladies.

*Someday I’ll maybe discuss my thoughts on gun rights in greater detail, but I have a shit ton of homework due tomorrow. ARLGJALDKFJALDSKFJA and good night.