Blah blah blah not being productive

Things I should be doing right now (and will, probably… in another few minutes)

  • Showering
  • German study
  • Russian study (if I feel like it… but then again, why did I buy that huge book of verbs last year? WHY, IF I’M NOT GOING TO USE IT TO LEARN SHIT FROM?)
  • Blah blah blah clean room blah blah nonsense
  • Charge phone
  • Review translations for jury
  • Go to sleep (or at least consider it)
  • Clean desk off blah blah messy
  • Hole punch my music for the summer… huge stack (two and half inches, wtf guys?) came in the mail today
  • Maybe copy new Italian stuff out of the pile of books from Sibley… maybe
  • Set alarm… maybe

Things I have already done, aka Points for Me

  • Made a Do List (see above)
  • Put things for tomorrow in bag (mostly)
  • Located phone
  • Watered plant
  • Daydreamed (huge waste of time)
  • Neatened area near printer (kind-of)
  • Placed books to study from on bed
  • Stopped using pronouns
  • Reread some old drafts, edited
  • And that’s about all….

Productive evening, clearly.


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