Hin und zurück

… are vocab words for this week’s chapter in Deutschland-Klasse. “There and back.” Well, it’s weird because it feels like I’ve experienced the concept this week.

I got back to Eastman last Saturday afternoon with one goal only: to write my history paper.

I began at four and was done by seven-thirty. I’ll probably go back and revise, closer to the due date.

I then unpacked for most of the night and was the only brand-new ASM at opera rehearsal on Sunday afternoon. Beth and Abby came to the second one that day and then off we went, it seems.

There begins the “hin” portion of my tale. I had no idea what to expect, but crammed in that black box theatre with the chorus, I started to feel, for the first time, that this was really, really where I wanted to be. Not assistant stage managing, hopefully, but for now that’s enough.

Alongside Abby and Beth, I’ve fallen headfirst into this show. It’s finally (finally) coming together and there are only two (dress) rehearsals left until opening night this Thursday. I’m not sure if I’m excited or bummed that it will all be over so quickly for us. I think that the three of us have grown quite attached to this show (as weird and kind-of uneventful as it is), and we definitely love the cast.

Anyway, long story short, today we had a day off and it was the weirdest thing ever– it was like life had been suspended in some Eastman Theatre-esque space. But today we didn’t have to be there. So, I practiced in the morning, but other than that didn’t get a whole lot accomplished because I was busy waiting to be busy… if that even makes sense. I’m most productive when I have a schedule crammed full of things I enjoy doing, because then I’m motivated to get the things that I don’t enjoy doing the hell out of the way.

Uhg. Speaking of, I have to sleep now. I’m going to read for a few minutes first and then I’ve got to try to sleep. I just said sleep twice (now three times) in two (three?) consecutive sentences. Definitely time to go.

Gute Naaaaacht!


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