I just I just

I just want to be at home, with my wood stove going, and I wish I had my fat yellow dog. And some hot cider, and cinnamon, and a blanket and popcorn. I just want to settle down there with a hug and a fall wind in the darkness and love my life.


2 responses

  1. look buddy, i’d like to point out how ridiculous your desires are:
    *the woodstove (thank jesus) isn’t even on yet.
    *we have absolutely NO apple cider in the house.
    *i’m pretty sure we just have microwaveable popcorn (and we all know that your air-popped popcorn is better than microwaveable, so why bother).
    I guess the rest we could manage. but honestly, it’s not to interesting around here.. and you’d have to put up with your stranger, nerdy, boys-are-scared-of-me, purple-loving little sister. consider yourself lucky. (:

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