Just counting the minutes, is all

I’m going home tomorrow.

It’s only for the weekend, but the tantalizing promise of it makes my heart beat harder and louder and more desperately. It’s not as if I don’t love it here– because, well, I do– but I’ve been thinking about stability and needing that central home and family a lot, lately. I guess I just need a quick break.

Besides, all of my work’s done except the studying for ed psych that I’m going to get to as soon as I finish writing this. Then I have to go talk to Luisa at 11? So confused. I don’t know if by some bizarre twist of fate I failed the last test (I thought I did okay) or she’s sending me back to Donnan’s class (I won’t go). But her emails were minimal and to the point and I’m really confused and filled with trepidation.

But hey, what the hell, I go home tomorrow.

Now I do need to study. I think I just needed a quick interlude to have a mini-freak out about this eleven o’ clock rendezvous. Yikes.


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