Successes and failures (but mostly failures)

Feel free to judge for yourself which is which.

I almost wrote a book today.

I’ve stopped reading the Bible. Huge surprise there.

I’m managing my River Campus class pretty well, if I do say so myself.

I wasn’t falling asleep in theory today.

I got up and ready in time.

I really want Chinese food, and have since Monday.

I will probably run tonight.

I’ve been dizzy all day long.

I am not having a good hair day.

I hate when this room is dark.

I need to repaint my nails: I don’t have remover and I hate when they chip.

I don’t know why I painted my nails hot pink to begin with.

I don’t know what I want to do with my life; although ed psych and also Erikson say I should have figured this out already.

I’m going to be really upset if I can’t get Chinese food tonight.

I guess no one wants to go with me to get Chinese food. This is totally acceptable and normal. To work off the pathetic feelings of abandonment and the intense loathing of the idea of going to U of R on the bus by myself and waiting there for an hour–also by myself– I will probably go to the gym early. I can be skinny and miserable. Awesome.

I’m still dizzy. So over it.

I don’t know anyone else here well enough to feel that they would be comfortable and not awkward travelling with me to the River Campus.

I hate complaining.

I hate being sad and pathetic.

I hate the idea that I cannot reverse my own sad and pathetic-ness.

I’m getting off the computer now to figure out how the hell I’m getting Chinese food tonight. I would go to Dim Sum but I have to pay real money there and I can club U of R food. I’ve literally thought of everything. God.

Okay, for real though. I’m going.


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