Only two more nights

Starbucks again. This time with both Alexes, Aden, and Aaron.

Eeww. I am the only K name. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I don’t think I have any homework left to do. If I do, it’s small and irrelevant. I can practice like crazy tomorrow if my voice is feeling better (pleasepleaseGodletitfeelbetter). I have the piece for the Messiah audition in my bag and I’ll look at it in just a little bit. Diction tomorrow won’t be fun but I’ll live through it. Theory will be awkward again unless I make it otherwise– but no surprise there. Freshman writing will be early and ugly but I’ll get through that, too. Italian will take forever and then after Diction I have my audition. Then Rep Singers. Then I’m done for the day.

Tuesday will be very similar. Ninethirty theory, followed by Colloquium and Aural skills. No piano thank goodness, so I can get ready for singing in studio.


There. I just went through the next two days in my head and hopefully they’ll fly by with the same brutally swift efficiency as I just summarized with.


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