This is what happens after two weeks at Eastman

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post, but if it doesn’t really flow or whatever, give me a break, I’m tired and I’m thinking in 2/4.

I’ve been hearing classical music in my head constantly. I find myself conducting to a piece in order to find its meter. Even if it’s Queen’s delicious “Somebody to Love” (simple duple, thank you very much, although it could be quadruple). I have had more spelling errors in my notetaking and writing within the past week than I’ve had in the past twelve months of my life. I daydream about living the Sibley Music Library, and I have a newfound fascination with the sound of a baritone range. I think I’m assimilating into what I like to call my musical Hogwarts.

And I love it.

Bach duet altered for marimba. I want to say it's in G Minor


2 responses

  1. I don’t know about the G minor business…it cadences to a C6. Welcome to the land of musical obsession, Kim. Hopefully, your ears will perk up when you hear 4-3 suspensions (aka…”the glorious fa-mi”).

  2. Well if I remember correctly it was either C, G, D, or A minor. Although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t A. I could be wrong. Haha, honestly it was one of those pieces that you play and then never remember how it went afterward.

    And the only reason I can identify 4-3 is because of your obsession with it! No lie, after hearing fa-mi all that year, I think it’s permanently engrained in my mental ear…

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