Totally Gubular (horrifying pun, I know)

*PLEASE NOTE: The handwritten-ness is simply a tip of the hat to the ingenuity and creative flair of a Mr. Matthew Gray Gubler and is in no way an attempt to plagiarize his work or to be a (and I quote) “copycat.” I have nothing but respect for his career and/or his sweet-looking webpage. So: that’s my disclaimer to anyone who may want or need it.


2 responses

  1. This looks sooooo sweeet!! Dude it’s nice and colorful (apparently like my ora XD lmao) I wish I actually liked to write so i could join you in your blogging adventures but I will just read them for now :D

  2. Thanks Sra! :D and yeah, your aura is… something else, that’s for sure XD

    Oh ho, and but wait– aren’t you supposed to run with your writing talents and use them all the time since you love it so much?! hahah:)

    Also please feel free to keep reading, it makes playing with this blog so much more fun to know that someone’s actually looking at it once in a while :)

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